Six reasons why buyers should get back into the real estate market.

Buyers: Now is the perfect time to make a move. Here are six reasons why it’s a good time to be a buyer right now:

1. Interest rate increases. Rates are currently about 5.5%. Higher rates mean less competition for you, so you’ll save tons of money on the purchase price of your new home.

2. Inventory increases. Month-over-month inventory jumps are a big benefit because you have more options with less competition.

3. You don’t have to settle. In the previous seller’s market, buyers had to settle for homes that only checked some of their boxes. Buyers can now find the right home for them.

4. Inspections. In this current market, it is now easier for homebuyers to ask for inspections.

5. Sellers are open to other financing options. You no longer need cash or 20% down conventional financing. This is great news for VA and FHA buyers.

6. Home-sale contingencies. Buyers can now purchase a house with a sale contingency, but you still need to move quickly to get your home on the market.

If you’re ready to get back out there and search for the perfect home for your family, reach out to me by phone or email. I’d love to help you.